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A 2 hour wander through the woods (and beyond), with some exploration off the track and some splashing in rain-formed streams!

2 More of the Manor Lodge, taken by my grandmother (hence the watermark as these aren’t mine, sorry!). They’re possibly 60s, but could be before. They used to let my grandmother up there (she lived on the farm) and told her about the footprints still there, said to belong to Mary Queen of Scots who would stand there awaiting pardon (which never came!).

So many brackets (sorry!).


Stansted House, Hampshire, Uk

Part 3: The Kitchen and Pastry room.

Stansted House, Hampshire, Uk

Part 2: Downstairs.

Looks at that old Boots logo! Still familiar!

Stansted House, Hampshire, UK

Part 1: Upstairs

Fort Nelson, UK

Visit free!

Some of the more decorative cannons at Fort Nelson. It’s a free museum with some great interactive things for the kids and occasional events! Check it out if you’re in the Portsdown area.


Fort Nelson, Hampshire, UK

The view from Portsdown Hill